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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

EquitasDx Announces Sil Pienovi as the Senior Advisor to the Provider Relations Team.

Portland, OR – EquitasDx Announces Sil Pienovi as the Senior Advisor to the Provider Relations Team.

EquitasDx had dedicated the resources necessary in Q1 to further saturate the Provider marketplace for recovery and contracting efforts. The Provider relations team is tasked specifically with establishing equitable reimbursement between the Payor and Provider community.

Sil Pienovi gifts EquitasDx with a 30+ year career of consulting and working with hospital systems in a myriad of capacities, which included creating efficiencies in finance and overall revenue cycle management.

Erik Read, VP of Business Development comments, “The reciprocation between the Payor and Provider side of our company will bring about a much-needed accountability, and better stabilize the disruption between services being rendered and payment settlement. Safe-Harbor Providers will continue to surface from the exercise of holding Payors accountable to an equitable reimbursement practice, therefore improving overall care to our self-insured industry.”

About EquitasDx, LLC., a claim reimbursement authority. Leveraging decades of payor and provider experience in contracting and cost containment. EquitasDx was built for the sole purpose to achieve transparency and accountability in healthcare reimbursement through robust technology, data analytics, medical, legal, and a prowess in cost containment advocacy. With an inequitable playing field, EquitasDx achieves an equilibrium in claim reimbursement. EquitasDx is an innovative healthcare cost management company delivering solutions to maximize savings for the Payor community, including but not limited to Third-Party Administrators, self-funded employers, medical management, brokers, stop-loss, managing general underwriters and reinsurance carriers. EquitasDx differentiates by way of a robust advocacy service contained throughout the cost containment services suite. Contact Sherry Freeman, VP Client Relations, at, 503-610-0080 Ext. 2 and visit EquitasDx, LLC., at

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